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What is edited repair & compagnie ?



While editing the design, it is a new style-repair brand-that has never been seen before-repairing.

Unlike the previous-repair-, the work of repair, not just repair, was sublimated into the design and restored.

Instead of fixing it, change it anew ...

That is what "edited repair & c ampagne" thinks-repair-.

  Reference repair price  
Leather-wrapped hem (left and right) ¥ 1,500 ~ * Perforated leather repair 5cmx5cm
(There is replenishment of thin cloth on the back) The price varies depending on the condition, such as 1,000 yen or more.

Sample photo

edited repair & compagnie
edited repair & compagnie

“Edited repair & campagne” is a new style repair brand where we fix products

while we edit their designs simultaneously.

It is totally different from conventional repair.

Not only we fix products, but also we redesign them to make them fresh and new.

That is what we consider as “repair”.

Model price
To put leather around a hem part ..… from \\ 1,500
To repair a hole with leather * 5 cm by 5 cm (put thin leather on the reverse side)… .. from \ ¥ 1,000)
These are just model prices. The actual price depends on the condition.
edited repair & compagnie
edited repair & compagnie
edited repair & compagnie 
edited repair & compagnie
edited repair & compagnie 革パッチワーク デニム修理サンプル
ジーンズ 修理 革パッチ
デニムリペア 革パッチ

One-sided editing design contents, one-sided-additional repair-. This is a brand-new brand-repair brand-.

Sublimation-Repair-Difference, non-conformity repair, same-time general repair process design. Unrepaired original sample, scholarship required, etc.

《Edited repair & campagne》

Repair reference

Cuff skin processing (left, right) 1500 days original opening hole skin quality repair 5cm * 5cm

(Filling with thin cloth on the other hand) 1000 days, etc.

edited repair & compagnie ペイント修理
repair  denim
デニム修理 シンプルアップサイクル
レザー使用修理 ホワイト系
edited repair & compagnie ヌメ ×オレンジ修理
Edited repair & compagnie Terms of Service
This is an important matter regarding usage, so please take a look.



About use


Edited repair & compagnie (hereinafter referred to as edited repair) is a service that, unlike ordinary repair repairs, has a unique method and reborn the products we have entrusted to us.

Therefore, it may be significantly different from the state before using edited repair & compagnie.

Please use it after understanding it well.



About delivery date


It usually takes about 1 week to 10 days after ordering.

It may be delayed due to various reasons, in which case we will contact you.



Change / Cancel


There may be a charge for changes / cancellations.

Even if you wish to change or cancel, some items cannot be restored to their original state depending on the work content.

After ordering, you cannot change or cancel the work that you have started.



Limitation of liability


We are not responsible for any secondary damage caused by using Edited repair.

In addition, we do not take any responsibility for unavoidable items that are indispensable for work, such as expansion and contraction of clothing due to processing.



Refusal of request


We may decline your request depending on extremely expensive items, special designs and fabrics, the condition of the items, and the conditions you request.

Also, if you cannot tell us your name, address, and phone number, we will refuse your request.



About warranty


We guarantee damage or loss of your belongings within the range of the amount calculated based on the edited repair regulations.



About rework


If the processed part is originally deteriorated, the fabric may tear again.

In that case, we will process it free of charge within 3 months from the first processing. (Depending on the content, a separate processing fee may be required)


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