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What is epoquesew n?








Until now, when it comes to leather products, it has been common to sew and mold using needles and threads, but this "epoquesewn" is molded using the-leather assembly-method without using any needles and threads. It is a new method of leather products. (Patented)


Since this product is an assembly type, repairs that were difficult with conventional products can be solved by simply replacing the parts, or you can customize it to your own-original-by changing the color of the parts. I will.

It can be said that it is a continuous item that will be reborn as a new item.


Many people may have doubts about its durability, but it has been proven to be used by many monitors.


In addition, depending on how the parts are assembled, you can also make own color combinations (color combinations according to your own taste) by combining many types and colors of leather, making it an item that you can enjoy one & only.


コンパクトでコインスペースをメインにカード、お札が入るコインケース です。

“Epoquesewn” is a “neo craft style” brand where we seek the potential of timberwork, a traditional Japanese architecture style.

We are trying to substitute timbering for sewing which has been used to make products. + Since these products are designed for assembly, you can repair them just by replacing parts without complicated procedure.

You can also make your original product by changing the colors of the parts.

The leather was produced by water-pressing horse leather with 100% botanical tannin made in Himeji City, Hyogo where there are Japanese eminent tanners.

Therefore it has a natural gloss and you can enjoy a change of colors of tannin leather's own depending on frequency in use.

シンプルなタイプの二つ折り財布です。 薄くてかさばらずポケットや小さいバッグにも収まりやすいサイズです。
2色コンビのコインケース です。ポケットや小さいバッグなどにも収まりやすいサイズです。
コンパクトサイズでコインスペースをメインにカード、お札が入ります。コインケース ゴールド

Since the ancient times of Japan, the traditional architectural style, "Kanki". From now on, various types of products, which are "manufacturing", "manufacturing", "manufacturing", and "manufacturing". 《Neo craft style》

+ This product assembling formula, the cause and the past product disagreement, repair non-renewal, and conversion and delivery are immediately solvable problems. At the same time, it is a product that can be exchanged and distributed, and is a product that is unique to the organization.


Leather material quality Japanese leather processing 厂, Hyogo 县 Himeji city, which is rare in Japan. Leather tannin 100% vegetable tannin-horse leather-more-water pressure machine-processing, production Natural light. At the same time, the frequency of use for rooting and the tannin leather peculiar to the enjoyment of leather.

シルバーの革には裏面に箔付け加工を施しています。長財布 シルバー
フラップ付き長財布 ヌメ
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