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Fabless & Kit by epoquesewn

The "Fabless & Kit" series is a simplified version line of Epoch Thorn.


Epoch Thorn's "Fabless & Kit" means Fabss = no factory required & Kit = equipment, as the name implies-a set of equipment that does not require a factory.


It is a leather accessory that you can choose from many leather colors and types and assemble it yourself like a plastic model.


Anyone can easily assemble it without the need for special equipment, so please feel the joy of making things.


In addition to being value-priced, you can play with coloring, and you can customize the two parts of the body (main body) and retaining parts (hook part) with own coloring.



Fabless & Kit  epoquesewn (ファブレス&キット  バイ エポックソーン) 組み立てポーチL

Pouch L ¥ 3200 + tax

Size 17.5 cm x 10 cm x 1.5 cm

ペンケース ファブレス&キット エポックソーン

Pen case ¥ 2800 + tax

Size 17.5 cm x 7 cm x 1 cm

card case      革名刺入れ 

Card case ¥ 2200 + tax

size 6.5 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm

Fabless & Kit    pouch  L    ポーチ 組み立て オリジナル
pen case    革ペンケース 
card case   レザー 名刺入れ 組み立て

・ Sales will be before assembly. (Bottom photo)

Also, with the same product composition-Illustrations of yourself and your child can be used as they are in a pen case or pouch!

We also have "Fabless & kit for Boy's & Girl's" with the concept.

(Please use oil-based magic etc. for the pen to be used.)

Fake Japanese paper made of polyester is crimped to leather, and the specially processed leather is cut into a sheet.

Since the above items before assembly are cut and fitted in it, you can scribble as if you were drawing on ordinary paper.

When you finish drawing, remove the item before assembly from the sheet, and if you can assemble it, the art work is completed.

Draw your favorite one and create an original dish.

fabless & kit  


The series of letters “Fabless & Kit” is a simple version line of epoquesewn.


Fabless = no workshop required, Kit = equipment.

As they indicate, "Fabless & Kit" of the epoquesewn means "a set of tools that do not require a workshop".

It is a leather accessory that you can choose the color and type of leather from among various types and assemble it like a plastic model by yourself.

Anyone can easily assemble without any special equipment.

So, please enjoy the fun of making leather goods.

In addition to the value price, you enjoy coloring and customizing the main leather part and clasp part (hook part) with your favorite color.

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