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DIY (Do It Yourself) is a popular interior industry.


It is natural to think that it is difficult to make from scratch.


Therefore, many people may start with the idea that remake, reuse, or customization can be done.



Therefore, the handle (handle) of the drawer made of genuine leather as [DIY PARTS] which was unlikely, and the handle of the door.



For example, the genuine leather handle on the drawer that I saw on the Louis Vuitton vintage trunk.


The display, which is made by stacking antique leather trunks, is just a cabinet.


The presence of the leather handle that left an impression on me.


A unique antique atmosphere unique to genuine leather due to aging.



2018 We have started the brand "HANDLEWARE" focusing on the drawer handle (handle) of the cabinet made of genuine leather and the handle (handle) of the door.



We use genuine leather tanned with 100% tannin (vegetable), which is apt to change over time.



As a basic size, we have screw hole spacing width 9.6cm 12.6cm 15cm. For non-standard sizes, please contact us as we can make a custom order from one piece.


Sample photo

取っ手 ドワノブ 引き出しハンドル
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