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<Epoquesewn> is a product made by the "assembly" method (patented) unlike conventional sewing.

The surface of the leather is water-pressed so that you can feel the natural luster and the soft touch peculiar to horse leather.
Since it is 100% tannin tanned, you can enjoy the luster and softness over time by continuing to use it.
The back side is processed to prevent fluffing.

It is made thin and soft instead of the hard image of a conventional long wallet.
The contents are also substantial on the storage side, with a card holder on one side and a bill and coin purse on one side.
This type has a flap because it can be taken in and out from the outside. It is a size that fits in the back pocket.

Size w190 × h110 × d25 (mm)
Material Horse leather

* This price includes consumption tax.

Long wallet with flap Nume ES-FLW

Sales Tax Included |
  • [About repair]

    It comes with a one-year repair warranty from the date of purchase.

    In principle, repairs that occur during normal use will be repaired free of charge for one year.

    (Scratches, discoloration, tears, stains, etc. caused by use are not covered by the warranty.)

    Regarding the shipping fee, please bear only the one-way shipping fee at the time of shipping.

    [About delivery]

    Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for the product to be delivered as a made-to-order product.

    [Please see before purchase]

    * Although we consider the condition close to the actual color, an error may occur depending on the viewing environment of the customer. Please note.

    * Because it is a leather product, the color may fade due to water getting wet or strong friction.

    In addition, there may be ecological damage, color unevenness, blood lines, etc. Thank you for your understanding as it is unique to natural materials.

    * The part to be assembled is reinforced with adhesive tape to prevent it from getting caught during use, but even if it comes off, there is no problem for everyday use.

    If you have any questions, please contact the person below.


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