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ol'fant musik 

​established 2020


What is ol'fant musik?



A project to restore (reproduce to the player condition level) and reproduct (partially modify the design) using guitars made in the era when high-quality wood was abundant, such as European vintage and Japanese vintage guitars. Was launched.


Even if it is called restoration, the purpose is not to restore it to a completely new one, but to restore it to the player's condition.


I own a few European vintages myself, but I feel that woodworking techniques are better than Made in USA guitars.

But what about the parts? ?? ?? It may be a matter of taste, but why for me? There were many things that I could only think of.


Actually, as I thought from my own experience, it is possible to make it a player's condition by exchanging parts.


Isn't it because these things are the reason why there are few musicians using it, and because there are few chances to see or pick it up compared to Made in USA guitars?





ol'fant musikとは?

ol'fant m usik policy



We can't mass produce, and we don't even think about it. We aim to be an old fashioned style guitar builder with an emphasis on rarity.


However, unlike a guitar builder made from scratch, I would like to be a guitar builder who can carefully select existing precious vintage individuals and create [reproduction] that can breathe new life into a limited one.


In addition, 50's 60's vintage parts and vintage pickups, which are difficult to obtain now, will be sold in the "Retro Spec Series", although it will be limited to those who wish to customize. (Parts and pickup mounts are premised on work in our workshop.)


In launching this project, ol'fant musik will be given to many musicians from now on.   We hope that we can deliver this, and we hope that you will meet new sounds.

vintage guitar

vintage guitar



The history of guitar production in Europe is old, and it seems that one-man maids that were not mass-produced from the 1800s to the 1960s were commonplace, starting with stringed instruments such as violins.


It seems that there were many guitar brands that produced everything from high-end guitars, which are said to be crafts, to casual guitars at the toy level, from all over Europe at that time to the former Soviet.


There are various sound quality, but not all brands were pursuing Made in USA, and it may be that they were pursuing originality. (The former Soviet Union seems to have referred to the guitar made in Japan at that time.)


Because the shape of the body is also original, the pickups are also original, and every guitar produces a unique sound quality that is different from Made in USA.


Even in Europe, UK VOX has been used by many famous musicians, so I think many of you know it.


Also, many of you may know that the German brand Hofner has been used by Paul McCartney and Frams has been used by John Lennon since the Beatles era.


However, most people don't think of anything else.


Especially in Germany, there are many guitar lucia who are said to be masters, and especially the German-curve woodworking technique used in full acoustic guitars is remarkable, and it is a technique that can only be done by a considerable skill.


Germans are also involved as founders in American musical instrument makers Rickenbacker and Gretsch, and especially in Rickenbacker, the German-curve is used in the design itself.


Also, it seems that German-Lucier was scattered all over Europe, and you can see guitars with unique body designs in Bulgaria, Poland and Czechoslovakia.


I hope you can search for Jazzgitarren and use it as a reference.

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